What is "The Science of Gaming"?

Before you even sit down in your chair (or couch) to game, there are things you can do beforehand to set yourself up for success.

There is a science to athletics.

Much more brilliant minds than our own have figured out ways, let’s call them “body hacks”, to improve athletic performance.

There is a reason that the world record mile constantly gets shorter and shorter. There is a reason that every year people are crossing the marathon finish lines with faster and faster times.

It’s science.

Training in high altitudes causes your blood to become more efficient at delivering oxygen to your tissues. You can run faster, and run longer.

In order to help others take advantage of the wealth of medical knowledge that exists on how to encourage your body to function at peak performance, we’re publishing a series of articles on these Body Hacks.

This is not rocket science, no one is reinventing the wheel.

All we are doing is collecting the data that is already out there, and applying it to esports.

The beauty of this is we know these methods works, and we believe in them.

The rewards for excelling in esports ranges from college scholarships to prize purses in the millions. Do you want this to be your hobby, or your career?

Eat real food.



Make smart energy choices.


Train your mind like a professional athlete training her body.

No one can deny that science has made better athletes.

So now, let us make better esports athletes.

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The Science of Gaming